This is the home page of Paul Young, K1XM. Here you will find various amateur (ham) radio projects.

Antenna Switching Projects

My current project is the YCCC MOAS II switch.  It has a few nice features such as hot switch protection for the relays and the ability to use different antennas for transmit and receive. It uses USB and can control up to 64 relays.

My home station has computer-controlled antenna switching. This has advantages over manual methods. The boxes I have built were not designed to be easily reproduced - they are built on prototype boards and have lots of point to point wiring.

SO2R Box Project

This is the YCCC SO2R Box (plus). SO2R stands for Single Operator Two Radio and is a method of operating contests where an operator improves efficiency by listening on one radio while transmitting on another. The schematic and parts list for the SO2R box is posted on the website. Other information, such as the PC board and box layout files and are available and will be posted here when I get some spare time or someone asks for them. Source code will probably not be posted here but will be readily available - just ask.

Ten Dollar Keyer

This is an inexpensive keyer and paddle that I developed and wrote about.  The article appeared in the January 2018 issue of CQ Magazine.  Additional information and firmware are available here.


The SO2RDuino is a low-end SO2R box which I developed and wrote an article about for the NCJ.  I donít currently have any information on this website - the link will take you to the article itself.

Open Two Radio Switching Protocol

OTRSP is the protocol used in the YCCC SO2R Box interface. It is a simple serial protocol.  It is available for anyone to use.

Keyer Selector

This is a device that selects which operator keys a radio for Multi-op two radio (MO2R) operation.


I operate many of the major amateur radio contests and some minor ones, mostly CW but occasionally phone.  I usually operate the CQ WW CW contest from outside the USA.

I am a member of the Yankee Clipper Contest Club (YCCC).

Other Activities

I enjoy photography, particularly underwater photography.  I have a website with more information on that and some photo galleries, www.underwater.org.

And I enjoy international folk dancing.  I usually dance with the Framingham Folk Dancers and Zdravets and I go to NEFFA most years.